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Hello! My name is Mari!

Just the words of a shy introverted girl~.

Mirror of my soul...♪

I was kind of worried because I thought I wouldn’t be able to type out 8 pages for my research paper.

But then I accidentally wrote 7 pages….. single spaced when it was supposed to be double spaced…



so this is like a bad translation lol, but i saw that someone was saying that the episode was a “beta” episode. in animation there is no such thing as a full colored beta episode, so i did find that weird to say. so what i can see, it’s more like they just weren’t up to quality?

It seems…

I remember reading an article on crunchyroll… it was about an animator who committed suicide because he was overworked, worked over time amost every day with no extra pay, and he basically had no free time to spend with his family because of all the over time he had to do. He couldn’t find a way out from the horrible cycle and ended up killing himself. He mostly had to work overtime a lot to meet a ton of animation deadlines to make the anime come out on time.

Honestly, I’m kind of worried about the animators considering the third episode’s animation was… really crappy… I hope they aren’t being overworked too much! I’m happy they know the quality is bad, but I’m kinda hoping they won’t overwork themselves…

Noiz & Aoba || DMMd ep. 03

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I remember when I was younger, probably around 8 or 9 years old, I wrote fanfiction (although at the time I didn’t know what it was called).

As I ways do, I never finished this one story I wrote, but one day my cousin came over and read it.

He wanted to know what happened next. I told him that I didn’t know because I never finished it.

He ended up crying because he didn’t know what would happen next, and my parents ended up telling me to finish the story just to make my cousin happy.

I can’t help but wonder if he ever grew up to be a hardcore fanboy or something.

Whooo, my friend got me a Kingdom Hearts keychain.

Whooo, my friend got me a Kingdom Hearts keychain.


I got a 100% on my Anatomy & Physiology exam. A 100%. According to my professor, it’s supposed to be the hardest exam this semester.

I now know my full potential.

Why do you suppose no one knows what punishment the Queen’s 
guard dog inflicts? It’s because dead men tell no tales.

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Mikoshiba brothers having a crush on Gou

There’s a park near my house, and they like to display fireworks on the 4th of July each year~ I get to see it from my window =3. I would’ve gone outside to record the fireworks, but my neighbors had a lot of guests wandering around >.>.

~Happy 4th of July~


Free! :: You Have the Right to Remain Silent

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Cadaver dissection

Okay. I mentioned that I was going to see a cadaver yesterday for Anatomy class. The person was an old lady who died of old age. I was seriously a little freaked out seeing…. a dead person being opened up by our teacher, but not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Anyway, my professor opened up her chest area to show us that boobs… are literally just a lump a fat below the skin. It’s just fat. Really random, but it made me wonder why breasts are so sexualized when it’s just a lump of fat O.o.

Going to see a cadaver in anatomy today. Not sure how I’ll handle it O.o


Poeta / Verteron feels

I’m usually super self-conscious about singing/recording stuff due to some unfortunate(and traumatic) things that happened a few years ago, my ego’s still pretty lying in pieces but I guess in this case my love for aion music proves to be greater than whatevers holding me back

…how do i explain stuff

piano solo by Matt Fuss

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My summer classes started today, and last week was my one week break from my classes. My friends and I went shopping yesterday and stopped by a thrift store~ These cute shoes cost $3.75. I never liked shopping for cute shoes because a lot of the prices are far beyond my college + jobless life at the moment, but these were only $3.75. I’m so glad I was there that day, and I’m so glad that these were exactly my size, and I’m so glad that most people don’t have my shoe size, or it might have been sold before I found it.

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